Spreadsheet template for sizing pipes

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PIPESIZE is an Excel spreadsheet template. It calculates pressure drop for gases and liquids flowing through pipes. Fast, accurate, and feature rich:

  • Simple data entry is consolidated on one screen
  • Calculates pressure drop, velocity and heat loss
  • Use customary US or SI units of measure
  • Preformatted reports for professional presentation of results

Built-in databases with extensive pipe data (including lined piping systems), physical properties of gases and liquids, insulation, recommended velocities and suggested roughness values.

It's a spreadsheet ― user customization is easy!

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PIPESIZE has a large number of features. But it remains easy to use with a clear user interface. Version 3.1 incorporates improved heat gain/loss algorithms and calculates the surface temperature for user-defined insulation thickness as well as the temperature change in the flowing fluid.

Download and review the user manual to appreciate the complete feature set.

Reference Data

You have at your fingertips many more tables with reference information. There are lists of suggested fluid velocities for common liquids, gases and steam. A list of suggested pipe roughness values is provided, with data for new and used pipe ranging from steel to wood. 


Pipesize Documentation (pdf)