Consulting Services

Genesis Engineers, Plymouth Meeting PA

Process Engineering

I'm part of the team at Genesis Engineers. We are a full-service architectural and engineering firm with a focus on the life sciences market sector. 

You can obtain my help on an individual basis (through Genesis) or as part of a Genesis team of engineers. It's all about your needs.

Things I've recently worked on include:

  • Process simulations and models using the Excel platform. Our clients are excited about what we do with Excel and the many benefits it provides such as customization, flexibility, and portability. Our models range from company-wide manufacturing capacity simulations to individual unit operations.
  • GMP compliance risk assessments. I function as a subject-matter expert (SME) or as a risk assessment facilitator. We follow our client's SOP for risk assessments or use our own method which is based on an FMEA approach with a spreadsheet tool to capture the results.
  • Lead process engineer for the conceptual and detailed design of critical utility systems for a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Critical utilities include water for injection (WFI), pure steam, clean gases, and wastewater collection and treatment.

Spreadsheet Calculations

You can engage me directly to develop spreadsheet solutions. These could be enhancements to my standard offerings, or completely new solutions tailored just for you.

Here are examples of spreadsheets that I developed for customers:

  • Heat transfer into buried and submerged crude oil piping
  • Pressure drop and heat losses for jacketed piping system (steam or tempered water in the pipe jacket)
  • Helical coil heat exchanger design
  • Multi-zone plate-and-frame heat exchanger design for recovering heat during milk pasteurization